SecureCon 2007

I am running a tutorial and giving a talk about SE Linux at SecureCon 2007 [1].

The tutorial will go for 3 hours on Wednesday the 7th of November and will cover using SE Linux in CentOS 5 and Debian Etch, it will be a hands-on tutorial where every delegate gets ssh access to their own Xen DomU.

The lecture is on Thursday the 8th of November and will be a 45 minute talk with an overview of SE Linux. It will be similar to my speech at the AUUG conference [2] but probably cover more of the features. The AUUG talk was driven by questions from the audience to spend a lot of time justifying SE Linux design decisions which took time away from other materiel. This wasn’t inherently a problem (I provided the information the audience seemed to want and everyone seemed happy), but I would like to cover more of the features and new developments.

2 comments to SecureCon 2007

  • Shannon

    You should film some of your presentations and section then up on youtube. Instant promotional exposure.

  • etbe

    Making a good video is hard work, not just when talking. I made a couple of videos when I worked for Red Hat (internal use only) and the amount of work done post-production made a huge difference.

    Are you volunteering to video me and cut it for release? ;)