SE Linux shirts for sale!

Faye and I have created Cafepress stores selling shirts and other things with SE Linux logos, here are the two designs:

Play Machine

t-shirt design with SE Linux play machine root password

SE Linux MLS

t-shirt design with SE Linux MLS logo

There are shirts, coffee mugs, mouse-mats, and other things. The designs feature a graphical representation of MLS security and a variety of text about SE Linux. There are also some baby shirts etc.

If you have any ideas for other SE Linux shirts then please let me know by private mail. I’ll give a free shirt to anyone who has an idea that I implement.

2 comments to SE Linux shirts for sale!

  • Jessica

    for an infant shirt or jumper, having “Future Free OS User” on the front.
    or as a maternity shirt, having Tux with an arrow pointing down (like you have already) and then above Tux the same “Future Free OS User” slogan.

  • Tim Wittig

    A shirt that reads on the front, “Linux- because why use gates and windows that don’t keep anything out?”