Bonnie++ and Postal shirts

Dear lazyweb, I want to design T-Shirts for my Bonnie++ and Postal projects. But representing those projects in a picture seems more difficult than SE Linux (see one of my SE Linux T-Shirt designs below). If you have any conceptual design ideas then please let me know.

Here are my current designs for SE Linux shirts:

Play Machine
t-shirt design with SE Linux play machine root password
SE Linux MLS
t-shirt design with SE Linux MLS logo

4 comments to Bonnie++ and Postal shirts

  • If I hear the word benchmark I imagine a Tux i weightlifting after all that’s what the word benchmarking comes from, for a file system benchmark I would expect a Tux doing weightlifting with some files, as in paper based folders.

  • Ben Hutchings

    For Bonnie++ you could use half a disk platter merging into half a stopwatch.

  • Anonymous

    For Bonnie++, how about a spinning disk platter with Tux running on it like a treadmill?

  • etbe

    Henrique said: For postal, the image of a postman rapid-firing a cloud of letters at a target of some sort comes to mind. It could be a storefront, or a computer screen, or even a mailpost.
    Nothing describes better what postal does, than a postman going postal with posts :-)

    Sorry Henrique, I fumbled my anti-spam stuff and accidentally deleted your original comment so I had to paste it back in.

    Also I received a verbal suggestion from a colleague of having Tux wearing a postman uniform with a machine-gun that fires letters. The suggestions are rather similar.

    One thing I have been considering is how appropriate Tux is. These programs run on many other OSs…