Yesterday I received an unsigned notice in the mail from some residents of an area comprising my street and an adjacent one. They advised me that their children were going to do the Halloween thing and that if I wanted to be involved I should leave my porch light on. This is a really good idea, people who like that sort of thing can leave their light on and give lollies to children (whatever happened to “don’t take lollies from strangers”?). People who don’t like pagan festivals can leave their porch light off and not be bothered.

One thing that occurred to me is that the anonymous flyer might have been posted by someone who doesn’t like Halloween to provide a way for themselves and like-minded people to opt-out of it. I’m sure that everyone told their children not to knock on a door unless there is a porch light on.

It’s almost 10PM and no-one has rung my doorbell, it seems to have worked.

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