Month: October 2006

Another beard pic

I’ve attached another pic, titled this one day2, which I guess means that day0 (not photographed) was one day without shaving and day-1 (also not photographed) was the last time I shaved. So far I’m still in the range of “too busy/lazy to shave”. Blogger beta is living up to it’s name and the functionality […]


review of Australian car web sites

It seems that Toyota isn’t alone in having non-functional web sites. In fact it’s better than some, the basic information on the cars is available and it is possible to get contact information for car dealers, also they have a feed-back form on their web site (to which I submitted my previous blog post). Incidentally […]


open letter to Toyota

When I visit the web site it does not display any information on the new Camry, instead it displays a message saying “Unfortunately you do not have flash 8”. A well designed web site will display information for all users, including those who don’t have flash installed. The Toyota web site should be aimed […]


started growing a beard

At LCA in January this year there was an auction at the end (an LCA tradition), and most people were feeling very relaxed and happy after plenty of good food and drink and bid with reckless abandon (another LCA tradition). To help things along a few of us volunteered to do various things if various […]


working all night

Last night I worked until 5AM on a magazine article. Upon review the later stages of my work weren’t of my usual quality level, and today I did nothing significant because I was too tired (fortunately it’s a Saturday). I’m now going to cease all really late-night work except when supporting 24*7 production systems for […]


Virgin – no free water and renewable energy

When returning from Ruxcon I took a Virgin Blue flight. The Virgin web site has a FAQ with the following advice regarding DVT: Drink plenty of water and other fluids during and after the flight, limiting alcohol, tea and coffee. However Virgin provide no free water on the flight and charge $2 for 350ml of […]


dunc-tank and motivation

The dunc-tank project was established to raise money to compensate some Debian developers who are essential to producing a timely release of Debian. There has been a lot of acrimoneous debate about whether this is a good or bad thing. The positive side of it is that the release managers will get to spend more […]


Lack of privacy in Amcal

Recently I visited my local Amcal pharmacy. When I was waiting to pay I noticed a large pile of cards on the country, they were customer loyalty cards with the names of customers printed on them. Also on the top of the pile was a Medicare card. The cards were placed face-down presumably to avoid […]


Ruxcon and SLUG

This weekend I was in Sydney for Ruxcon. Ruxcon is a computer security conference with a focus on penetration testing and related skills. The presentation on Unusual Bugs by Ilya van Sprudel was particularly interesting. He spoke about a number of issues that could do with some improvement in Linux, I will file some bug […]

Benchmark Linux Postal Security