open letter to Toyota

When I visit the web site it does not display any information on the new Camry, instead it displays a message saying “Unfortunately you do not have flash 8”.

A well designed web site will display information for all users, including those who don’t have flash installed.

The Toyota web site should be aimed at selling Toyota products, however it seems most effective at selling Macromedia products. Anyone who visits the Toyota site is forced to install a product from Macromedia (the Flash viewer) but is not forced to purchase anything from Toyota.

Are your web designers representing Toyota’s best interests or the best interests of Macromedia?

If you visit the above URL you will see information on some of the security problems related to flash. Anyone who has security problems on their computer after being compelled to install Flash by the Toyota web site would have reason to blame Toyota for any damage or loss caused by such security problems.

Flash is often prohibited by corporate security requirements (the instructions on the Toyota web site could get a potential customer sacked – and therefore unable to purchase a car). It is not usable by many visually impaired people (while people with extreme vision problems are not able to drive a Toyota cars they should be able to read information about them). It is also disliked by people who want their computer to run all free software, which includes a large number of people who like the Prius.

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