Month: October 2006

MX vs A record

One issue that has been the topic of some pointless discussion is whether a mail server should have an A record or an MX record. Mail can be delivered to a domain that has no MX record but simply an A record pointing to an IP address. But the most common practice is to have […]


day 8 of the beard

The beard is still growing steadily, and I’m still waiting for the beardly powers that some of the bearded delegates at LCA 2006 assured me that I would develop. Related posts: yet another beard pic I’ll space them out a bit now, no more daily… started growing a beard At LCA in January this year […]


electric cars

Here’s an interesting post on the Green’s site about the Indian Reva electric car and the attempts to get a permit to drive it on Australian roads. From the Reva site it seems that the Standard model is a 750Kg two-door hatch-back car to seat four people that bears a resemblance to the most widely […]


more about Fedora

In a comment on a previous blog entry I was described as an active Fedora advocate, I don’t think that is an accurate description. I advocate it to appropriate people, which is mostly non-programmers – but as I mentioned that means a larger proportion of the population than to whom I can advocate Debian. It’s […]


debate via wiki

Lars Wirzenius seems to be seconding my idea for using wikis to solve contentious issues. My latest idea in this regard is to have several wiki pages, one for each opposing view and one for agreed facts. If an issue has multiple parties debating it then there could be multiple pages for the areas on […]


yet another beard pic

I’ll space them out a bit now, no more daily pictures. Years ago Jon Wright (a well known bearded OS/2 programmer) told me that after you get past a week of growth it stops being annoying, I think I’m getting to that stage now. Related posts: started growing a beard At LCA in January this […]


The benefits of SE Linux

Today I discovered a bug in one of my programs, it called system() and didn’t correctly escape shell eta-characters. Fortunately I had written custom SE Linux policy for it which did domain_auto_trans(foo_t, shell_exec_t, very_restricted_t) so there was no possibility of damage. The log files (which were not writable by the daemon by both SE Linux […]

Linux Security

about leaving

I’ve read quite a few blog posts about someone leaving Debian and whether they should remain on Debian planet. An official policy on these matters has now been posted which stated what I expected, if you feel that you belong and meet technical criteria then you are welcome. Not that this solves much, the next […]


day 4 of the beard and the Crypto museum

The day 2 picture had an NSA coffee mug in the background. I purchased it from the gift shop of the National Cryptologic museum at Ft Meade, Maryland. I highly recommend that museum, it has free entrance, hardly any visitors (I’ve never seen more than 5 people in there) lots of interesting displays, and some […]


day 3 of beard, and the gimp

Right now I’m just starting to break new personal records for hairyness. I’ve been surprised that the GIMP isn’t as difficult to use as I had previously thought. I particularly like the preview feature for saving JPEGs. I can use a slider to set the quality of the image and see a preview of viewing […]