Amusing Thanks.txt Entry

My SE Linux Play Machine [1] has a file named thanks.txt for users to send messages to me [2].

On a number of occasions people have offered to give me things in exchange for the password for the bofh account (the one with sysadm_r privileges). I’ve been offered stolen credit cards, a ponzi scheme of root access to servers on the net, and various other stuff. Today I received an amusing joke entry:

Hello Kind Sir,
I am Dr. Adamu Salaam, the the bank manager of bank of africa (BOA) Burkina Faso West
I am sending you this message about the $3.14159 million dollars in bank account number 2718281828450945. I will give you this money in exchange for the password to the ‘bofh’ account.

The amount of money is based on the value of Pi. The account number is based on the mathematical constant e [3].

It’s a pity that the author of that one didn’t sign their real name. Whoever created that should have claimed credit for their work.

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