religious requirements for free software development

day 24 of the beard

Relgions commonly require contributions to charitable causes and helping other people. Developing free software without expecting a reward seems to fit that criteria.

If my primary religious belief (atheism) turns out to be incorrect then I am certain that whatever deity might exist would want me to do Free Software development.

It seems to me that denying people the ability to contribute to Free Software development or forcing them to use proprietary software is therefore an infringement of their rights to freely practice their religion.

Prisoners should be permitted to do Free Software development. Kevin Mitnik was prevented from using computers while incarcerated and after being released (which is wrong in so many ways). It has been recently announced that pagan prisoners in the UK are being given time off prison duties for haloween. I think that allowing free software development for people who believe that it is a religious requirement deserves at least the same protection.

Also government agencies should not require the use of MS file formats or IE for communication.

PS Day 24 of the beard is depicted above.

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