god on my side

day 21 of the beard

Today I saw the movie God On My Side by Andrew Denton. It’s an interesting movie about the televangelist industry in the US. I expected it to be about the shonky frauds who harm people, there was one scene in the start of a televangelist claiming to cure diabeties (a very dangerous claim that often results in serious injury to the victims of such frauds), but mostly it was about serious evangelists and not about the frauds.

What was scary was the level of advocacy of Armageddon. These people seemed very determined to have a great war between the US and Russia (haven’t they realised that the USSR doesn’t exist any more?). They advocated taking all possible measures to defend Israel (not ruling out the use of nuclear weapons) and didn’t want any compromise with Palestine (no land for peace – after all peace gets in the way of Armageddon).

One insightful comment by an evangelist pointed out that many Christians have gone wrong in their advocacy in being based on what they are against rather than what they are for. It’s a sad trend that most Christians are not able to express any positive things that they are for and only focus on things that they oppose. On most occasions when they say they are for something it is really a disguise for being against something else, EG supporting Family Values means oppressing homosexuals, preventing freedom of speech (bad language), and banning abortions (even for rape victims).

I am looking forward to the DVD release of this. I’m sure that the out-takes and some further footage post release will be interesting.

Above is the day 21 beard picture.

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