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day 107 (last) of the beard
On Tuesday the 23rd of January I shaved off my beard after spending 107 days growing it, see above for the final beard pic. It was an interesting experiment and it’s something that I recommend trying, but I couldn’t keep it.

Having a beard is more effort than being clean-shaven. Eating is more difficult when you are trying to keep your beard out of your food. If you get the full beard (as I did) then the mustache at the sides of your mouth will get into your food (particularly bad for ice-cream). I guess that the benefit of having a waxed mustache would be that the wax would keep it out of the way of the food – the waxed mustache wasn’t just an issue of style!

Madduck suggests that when you drink Guinness you “push your lips past the head and draw up only the dark stuff“. Of course that won’t work if you have a mustache as you don’t want a mustache that’s soaked in beer!

Immediately after cutting off my beard I didn’t shave for almost a week and experienced much less discomfort than I had previously experienced when not shaving for that period. I think that having been used to having a beard an amount of hair that would previously annoy me is not noticeable. Also it seems that the hair was initially softer after I cut off the beard. Maybe shaving somehow makes the hair grow tougher.

When I had the beard I thought that I hadn’t adjusted my body image to match, as every time I looked in the mirror I felt surprised to see it. Once it was gone my new look initially seemed more odd to me than my previous appearance, and it took me a number of weeks to get used to not having a beard.

final goatee picture

final mustache picture

When shaving off my beard I decided to do it in stages, firstly I did a “goatee” cut and then just a mustache. The mustache is a little lop-sided, but I was in a hurry and didn’t plan to keep it for long.

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  • shaine

    you should have kept your beard, beards are beautiful,god gave them to man to grow and keep as manhood and nature. If you shave you are rebelling against god