How Not to Park a Mercedes

Why is that Mercedes blocking so much of the road through the station car park?

It’s because it’s the second car in a 1 car parking spot!

Here’s a front view.

These were taken in the Coburg Station car park on Wednesday. The car park was about half empty, so the alternative to blocking part of the road and blocking in someone who was legally parked was to just park about 10 meters further away from the station.

Some people just shouldn’t be driving.

4 comments to How Not to Park a Mercedes

  • Catherine

    Perhaps the drivers of the two cars know each other and they wanted to conserve parking spaces in case the carpark got full later?

  • etbe

    Why would they want to conserve parking spaces? The carpark was half empty at the busiest time of day and there is a another large carpark in the area, so there was really no chance of the available space being used. Also conserving one space while partially blocking the road generally isn’t doing any good for society.

  • josch

    dude, you have never been to romania :)

  • etbe

    Dude, that’s one reason why I’ve been avoiding driving in other countries for decades. ;)