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Mplayer, Squeeze, and SE Linux on i386

I’ve just updated my SE Linux repository for Squeeze to better support running mplayer on the i386 architecture, below is the APT sources.list line:

deb squeeze selinux

The first issue is a bug in the compilation of the SDL libraries which makes them request an executable stack (bug #613535). Recompiling the libraries on my system caused this bug to go away, so it must be some issue with the compilation process. I have previously summarised the execstack issue, but we haven’t solved this yet [1].

The next issue is the fact that the ffmpeg libraries require execmod access (see my previous post for the details of the execmod issue [2]. The execmod issue with ffmpeg is pretty much the same as it was when I first wrote about the issue in 2008 [3]

Finally the allow_execmem boolean needs to be set on i386 with the command “setsebool -P allow_execmem 1” to allow libGL the access it needs. This is an issue I haven’t been able to solve, I don’t know why libGL needs write and execute access to memory, I posted to the SE Linux list about this some time ago but didn’t get any good answers [4]. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2 comments to Mplayer, Squeeze, and SE Linux on i386

  • foo

    Why wasn’t this bug fixed before squeeze was released?

  • etbe

    The ffmpeg issue is not considered to be a bug by the Debian maintainers or upstream.

    I only just noticed the SDL bug after frantically fixing as many other bugs as possible for Squeeze.

    The libGL one needs some help.