My Squeeze SE Linux Repository

deb squeeze selinux

I have an Apt repository for Squeeze SE Linux packages at the above URL. Currently it contains a modified version of ffmpeg that doesn’t need execmod access on i386 and fixes the labeling of /dev/xen on systems that use devtmpfs as reported in bug #597403. I will keep updating this repository for any SE Linux related bugs that won’t get fixed in Squeeze.

Is there any interest in architectures other than i386 and AMD64?

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  • Russell,

    I’ve installed your selinux-policy-default package on Squeeze. I’m hoping to contribute some work back: specifically the postinst script missed a module or two that my system needs. It’s pretty easy to load these by hand but it makes sense to fix up the script if you’ll accept contributions. Let me know what you think.

    – Philip