Debian Multimedia and SE Linux

I have just had a need to install packages from to correctly play .3gp files from my mobile phone (the stock Mplayer in Debian would not play the sound).

As part of getting this to work in a way that I like I rebuilt some packages so that shared objects would not demand an executable stack and added them to My SE Linux Etch repository [1]. The liblzo2-2 package is in Debian so I filed bug report #511479 against it. Not that I expect it to be fixed for Etch now that Lenny is about to be released. But it’s good to have the data in the bug tracking system for the benefit of all interested people.

The lame and xvidcore packages are only in the Debian Multimedia archive. I’ve sent email to the maintainer with patches. Not sure if he will accept them (again it’s not a good time for filing bug reports about Etch), but there’s no harm in sending them in.

The lame package also required execmod access, but I don’t have enough time to devote to this to fix it. For background information about execmod see my previous post [2].

See my previous post about executable stacks for more background information [3].

The next thing to do is to test this out in Lenny, hopefully I’ll get time to work on this tomorrow.

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