My SE Linux Etch Repository

deb etch selinux

The above sources.list line has all the i386 packages needed for running SE Linux with strict policy on Etch as well as a couple of packages that are not strictly needed but which are really convenient (to solve the executable stack issue).

gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-key F5C75256
gpg -a --export F5C75256 | apt-key add –

To use it without warnings you need to download and install my GPG key, the above two commands do this. You will of course have to verify my key in some way to make sure that it has not been replaced in a MITM attack.

The only thing missing is a change to /etc/init.d/udev to have a new script called /sbin/start_udev used to replace the make_extra_nodes function (so that the make_extra_nodes functionality can run in a different context). Of course a hostile init script could always exploit this to take over the more privileged domain, but I believe that running the init scripts in a confined domain does produce some minor benefits against minor bugs (as opposed to having the init scripts entirely owned).

I back-ported all the SE Linux libraries from unstable because the version in Etch doesn’t support removing roles from a user definition by the “semanage user -m” command (you can grant a user extra roles but not remove any roles). Trying to determine where in the libraries this bug occurred was too difficult.

Does anyone know of a good document on how to create repositories with apt-ftparchive? My current attempts are gross hacks but I’ve gone live anyway as the package data is good and the apt configuration basically works.

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