Planet Debian Piracy

The site is copying the entire Planet Debian feed for the purpose of splogging. I’ve sent one DMCA take-down notice for one of my pages (hopefully they will go through and remove all pages that were illegally copied from my feed). Other people who have non-commercial use licenses for their blog feeds may want to do the same.

Would it be possible to have the entire Debian feed licensed in such a way such that one person could request that the Planet Debian feed not be used for such things?

4 comments to Planet Debian Piracy

  • Anonymous

    Sigh. Their actions aside, I never thought I’d see a Debian Developer use the word “piracy” regarding content they created.

  • Max Feed

    I am from maxfeed stuff. As I said in the email reply, we only display title and description for every item, not the content field. I think that this feed is not properly formated, it shouldn’t contain the full content for item description.
    As I said in the reply we can limit the length of the displayed text (we always give credit to the original author) or fully remove your feeds from our index.

  • I noticed a blog post of mine showing up on that site a few weeks ago, but I have to admit I just don’t care. They properly attribute me, link to the original article, and don’t appear to have any malicious intent.

    In fact, I wonder if there’s any difference between what they’re doing publicly and Google Reader does privately (that being: aggregating feeds onto a 3rd party website).

    I guess I’m wondering what the big deal is? Especially for a free software developer’s blog… you guys usually aren’t too concerned about copying as long as there’s proper attribution (which afaict there is). ;)

  • etbe

    Anon: Good point. Pirates are people who steal and murder on the high-seas, violating a license is a much less serious matter.

    Michael: Doing it privately is acting on behalf of the reader. Doing it publicly is competing with my own Google adverts. I don’t mind all the sites that archive my content without advertising.