Reach Out – Only to People with New Computers

There are currently some adverts on Trams in Melbourne for some sort of community organisation. They have an amusing picture of an “Amazon” character from an RPG with statistics such as Self Esteem at zero.

They have a web site at which firstly tries to launch a popup window (did the web designers not notice that almost everyone blocks popups?) then uses a refresh for a redirect (with a message to click on an icon if it doesn’t work) and finally demands that Flash be installed.

So someone who is in need of whatever counselling the Inspire Foundation (the organisation that registered the domain) offers is likely to be told that their computer is not adequate, I’m sure that they’ll appreciate that. As will the visually impaired people who will get even less out of the site.

Is the web site offering a service that might tend to be needed by people who don’t have the latest computer gear and can’t run the latest version of Flash? It’s not only Linux users who are unwilling or unable to use Flash, older Windows installations also apparently have problems.

Are people who can’t afford a broadband net connection likely to need the service in question? Dial-up network access is cheaper (and many people will be hesitant to visit a web site related to personal problems in a public place such as an Internet Cafe).

1 comment to Reach Out – Only to People with New Computers

  • alvaro

    jezz, so right, man.
    if it could be visible it would be a nice piece of annoying slow website. unfortunately it seems that registering is the biggest problem in the code :?