Lazyweb Posts

A common practice in the blog space is to write posts that ask a question in the hope that someone else will answer it via a comment or a post. This is known as a “Lazyweb Post”.

It seems to me that the way of managing such posts could be improved with a little informal cooperation. From now on I plan to tag each Lazyweb post with a Lazyweb Tag, now any reader of my blog can with a single click see all the unanswered lazyweb posts that I have written (I will remove the tag once an adequate answer has been provided or I have discovered and documented the solution myself).

Almost all bloggers want to get more traffic to their blogs, the question is how to get traffic of the nature that you desire. Links from blogs that you like are a preferred source of traffic. If a blogger that you would like to receive a link from has a lazyweb tag or category then it provides a good list of ideas for post topics that will get you the links you desire. Such lists would also be good for determining what information is not generally available and which therefore can be used for the topics of original posts.

Such tags or categories should also be good for getting answers to lazyweb posts. I’ll start doing this and see how well it takes off.

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