Month: July 2007

Ron Paul

A politician named Ron Paul is running for the Republican party nomination for president. Tech Crunch has an article about his Web 2.0 based campaign which also includes a link to a google interview with him. Here’s the good things about him: He strongly defends the constitution and the rule of law, so he’s not […]


unaligned access on IA64

I recently had some problems with unaligned access on IA64, messages about unaligned access were being logged via printk and I couldn’t determine the cause – or even how to track it down. To test what an unaligned access means (which wasn’t documented anywhere that a quick google search could find) I wrote the test […]


HP Sponsors Computer Recycling

Hewlet-Packard is sponsoring the recycling of old computers in Victoria, Australia in a program named Byteback – note that they accept all brands of computer and charge nothing to accept the e-waste. This is a really good thing, I’ll start saving up my old computer parts to deliver to them! Is there a directory of […]

Bizarre “No space left on device” error from Xen

What should have been a routine “remove DIMMs and run memtest until things work” procedure to solve a memory error became a lot more complex due to poor error handling in Xen. The following error occured because the tdb database /var/lib/xenstored/tdb was corrupt. To fix it you must rm the file and kill the xenstored […]


The ABC and the Supposed Liberal Bias

A common meme is that the media is biased towards the political left. This meme was deliberately created to encourage well-meaning journalists to be more generous in their reporting of Neo-Cons in a misguided attempt at being fair and also as a mechanism for refuting criticism of any media reports that criticise Neo-Cons. The ABC […]


Religion and Cars

The Catholic Church has recently issued a set of 10 road commandments. Number 9 is “On the road, protect the more vulnerable party” which ties in with an article by Barney Zwartz published in the religious column of The Age about the spiritual issues related to 4WD cars. Barney makes better points than the Catholic […]


IEA predicts global oil crisis

The ABC reports that an oil shortage is predicted soon. The International Energy Agency predicts that oil supply problems will start within the next five years. Oil production has been dropping over the last two years (we have passed the “peak oil” point) and demand is steadily increasing. Regardless of wars oil prices will increase […]


Correspondent Inference Theory and the US

Bruce Schneier writes about Correspondent Inference Theory which deals with situations when the motives of an individual or group are inferred by the results of their actions. Both his article and the MIT article on which it is based only consider the results of terrorist actions against the US and allied countries. I believe that […]



One problem that I have had in configuring Heartbeat clusters is in performing a STONITH that originates outside the Heartbeat system. STONITH was designed for the Heartbeat system to know when a node is not operating correctly (this can either be determined by the node itself or by other nodes in the network) and then […]


A Free-Software Only Laptop

Mark Shuttleworth asks if people are interested in a high-end free-software laptop (it seems that Linspire is leading in the low-end free-software laptop stakes). I am interested in such things. My last couple of laptops have been Thinkpad T series. They are reasonably light (not really heavy), are reasonably fast, have full-size keyboards and reasonable […]