Month: July 2007

Train Routing

Last year I spent several months living on one side of Melbourne and working on the other and travelling by train to work. Every day I had to catch two trains each way with an average wait of 5 to 10 minutes for each train to arrive giving a total of at least half an […]


Blogging Frequency

You may have noticed that my frequency of posting has increased significantly recently, and that my posts are generally at 7AM and 7PM. I am using the scheduled posting feature of WordPress and writing my posts in advance (currently I have 8 posts in the queue including this one). Generally readers of my blog (particularly […]


If You Don’t Know How to Fix It, Please Stop Breaking It

In 1992 Severn Cullis-Suzuki (David Suzuki’s daughter) who was 12 years old gave a talk to the UN’s Earth Summit in Rio on behalf of . She gave a really good talk, see the below Youtube video. The best quote is “If you don’t know how to fix it, please stop breaking it!”. Unfortunately they […]


An Ideal Linux Install Process for Xen

I believe that an ideal installation process for Linux would have the option of performing a Xen install. The basic functionality of installing the Xen versions of the required packages (the kernel and libc), the Xen hypervisor, and the Xen tools is already done well in Fedora and it’s an option to install them in […]


Xen and Bridging

In a default configuration of Xen there will be a virtual Ethernet device created for each interface which will be associated with a bridge. A previous post documented how to configure a bridge named xenbr0. The basic configuration of Xen that most people use is to have a single virtual Ethernet port for each Xen […]

Linux Networking Virtualisation

The Australian Government is a Terrorist Organisation

This article in The Age about Mohamed Haneef shows the terrorist threat that we face. The chance that I will be injured by Al Quaeda in any way is quite remote. The chance of being attacked by ASIO is a lot greater. The main benefit of being in a democracy is having a legal system […]

Politics Terrorism

Exit Strategies for Iraq

Here’s an interesting piece in the Washington Post about what might happen when the US withdraws from Iraq. I regret not blogging before the war started. It would have been good if I could have pointed to a blog post predicting the same thing before the invasion took place. I’ve always thought that the two […]


Modules and NFS for Xen

I’m just in the process of converting a multi-user system to a Xen DomU. It was running on a stand-alone Fedora Core 5 i386 system and I want to run it on a Fedora 7 DomU under a CentOS 5 Dom0 on an Opteron system. The first stage of the conversion was to copy an […]


Troll Zapping

Don Marti writes about the idea of setting a Troll-bit on forum posts such that every reply would also be flagged. I’ve been thinking about how to solve such issues for mailing lists. I think that the way to do this is to create a new list for every contentious topic and automatically subscribe everyone […]


Column Width in Blogs

I have just been reading the LinuxWorld Community blog which seems to be mostly Don Marti’s personal blog (currently there seems to be no-one else blogging on that site). One thing that disappointed me is that the theme designer made it look good at a width of 1000 pixels and no other size. At a […]