Month: July 2007

License Fees for Music in Clubs

The Cyber Law Center has blogged about the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited being permitted to charge night-club owners $1.05 per person per night for playing commercial music up from $0.07. The number of people is calculated on the maximum licensed capacity of the venue – not good if the venue isn’t full. Of […]


Documentaries about Gifted Children

On several occasions I have watched part of a TV documentary on gifted children, but I have never been able to watch one completely because every one that I have seen has been offensively wrong. One thing that they always seem to do is say that gifted children have special needs and often claim that […]


Desktop Machines and ECC RAM

In a comment on my post about memory errors Chris Samuel referred me to an interesting post on the Beowulf mailing list about memory errors. In that list posting Joe Landman says “it is pretty easy to deduce which chip is problematic (assuming it is ram) based upon the address” and then describes how to […]

Tevion MP4 Player Model M6 – a Review

On Thursday I bought a $99 (discounted from $199) MP4 player from Aldi (a German supermarket chain that has recently opened up here). The player is a Tevion model M6. By a long way it’s the cheapest and nastiest piece of consumer electronics that I have ever owned. It has very flimsy construction (feels like […]


Memory Errors and Memtest86+

Early this year I deployed a server. As part of my normal procedure I ran the Memtest86+ memory test program (which showed no errors) before deploying it. After some time running the machine started to become unreliable, yesterday it crashed twice and I had to replace it. I ran Memtest86+ before removing it from where […]


Questions During Lectures

An issue that causes some discussion and debate is the number and type of questions that may be asked during a lecture. In a previous post giving advice for speakers I suggested that questions can be used as a mechanism for getting a talk back on track if a nervous speaker starts presenting the material […]


Planet Linux Jobs Victoria

As part of my ongoing plan to make things easier for Linux job applicants and advertisers I have created a Planet for Linux Jobs in Victoria, Australia. The LUV President had suggested that I make a proposal to the LUV committee about this. I have offered them ownership of the Victorian aspects of this idea […]

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Why Can’t Bush be as Honourable as Nixon?

The Libby commutation has demonstrated the contempt that the Bush regime has for the US political process, the opinions of the voters and party members, and the reputation of the US. The Talking Points Memo has an insightful analysis. They suggest that an argument could be made for pardoning Libby by claiming that the case […]


Buying a Laptop from Another Country

Mary Gardiner has written a lazyweb post asking about how to solve the problem of laptops being more expensive in Australia than in some other countries. She didn’t post contact details or enable comments on her blog, but that’s OK as this information may be useful to other people. Some years ago I was living […]

Google is Good for the Environment

Google has just announced the Recharge project. They are converting some of their own fleet of Prius and other hybrid cars to be “plug-in hybrids”, this means that the car can be plugged in to mains power to charge it’s batteries and petrol will only be used as a fuel of last resort. If a […]