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After reading advice from ProBlogger I have become convinced that I should create separate blogs for some of the content that is currently on my blog. The first such blog that I will create will be about computer security. Naturally it will cover SE Linux to some degree, but the exact focus is something I have not yet determined.

Here are the options I’m considering:

  • The exact topic to be covered, computer security is a broad area, choosing which sub-topics to focus on and which users to present it to is a difficult task.
  • The length of the articles, this will to some degree depend on the posting frequency. If I am going to post 4+ times per week then most of the posts would be small. But for one or two posts per week I could make them 1000+ word posts.
  • The mix of news, educational material, and background information. I think that all of these areas are important, and to some extent the mix will depend on what news happens and what technologies I am involved in developing, testing, and using. But I will have a plan as to what to present and on days when there is little news and I have not worked on anything exciting I will find new material to write about based on the plan.
  • The use of code snippets in a blog? It’s easy to split the post and have the feed not include the source code, would that be of interest or would you rather have the complete post in the feed for offline reading?

Also if you have any other suggestions for blogs that you would read if I was to write them then plese send them in via a blog comment or email.

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  • Different blogs vs tagged posts
    you can just create custom feeds of one blog

  • etbe

    Strangely this blog post is getting many hits but not many comments. I’m really surprised because usually there seems to be no shortage of people offering to suggest ways that other people can work.