Month: May 2007

priorities for heartbeat services

Currently I am considering the priority scheme to use for some highly available services running on Linux with Heartbeat. The Heartbeat system has a number of factors that can be used to determine the weight for running a particular service on a given node. One is the connectivity to other systems determined by ping (every […]


mobile phone etiquette

Paul Dwerryhouse blogs about mobile phone etiquette. Taking excessive calls at a restaurant is annoying, but keep them short and it’s no big deal. Strange ring tones are OK as long as people answer their phone. It’s when they decide that they don’t want to answer a call that the entire Avril Lavigne song annoys […]


Tom’s Hardware falls victim to a trojan

E-Week has an article about the popular computer hardware review site Tom’s Hardware ( being hit by a trojan in a banner advert. From the article it’s not clear whether a criminal paid for a banner advert under a legitimate business name or compromised the advertising server run by an innocent third-party who paid for […]


career risks

Paul Graham makes some interesting observations about taking risks to achieve career benefits. One thing he doesn’t mention is that the risks have to match your life situation. If you are 21, living with your parents, and single (typical for a CS graduate) then you should take the riskiest options in terms of your career […]


terrorist actions I want banned

The current trend in government seems to be to do whatever they want because to do otherwise invites (or fails to prevent) terrorism. Here are some things that might be done by terrorists which governments should consider banning: Graffiti – could be used by terrorists to mark locations for attacks or send messages to sleeper […]


Five ways SE Linux may surprise you

Frank Mayer of Tresys has written a great article on the site about SE Linux. It seems mostly aimed at managers and novice users and explains how SE Linux isn’t really that difficult to use but is however a foundation technology that is needed for secure systems. Check it out! Related posts: SE Linux […]


permalinks in wordpress, Apache redirection, and other blog stuff

When I first put my new blog online I didn’t think to set the custom permalinks option to avoid having /index.php in all URLs (which wastes a few bytes and looks nasty). So I decided to change to better URLs but unfortunately many people have already bookmarked the bad URLs. I wanted to give a […]

Blogging – pirates

The URL currently has a mirror of my blog. Disregarding the DMCA take-down notice I sent them a week ago (which is also mirrored on their own site) they have again copied the content from my site without permission (I only allow non-commercial use). But this time they go even further and claim copyright […]


school rating

The web site allows Australian students to rate their teachers. Ratings are anonymous and give teachers a score out of 5 as well as allowing students to comment on teachers.


DMCA etc

A few days ago I wrote my first DMCA take-down notice, I followed the instructions on the Wikipedia page. The reason for this was that someone was mirroring my blog and putting google adverts on the copy. Before I started putting Google adverts on my web sites I wouldn’t have been bothered about this. But […]