Month: March 2007

getting big changes in Debian

Erich Schubert comments on the issues relating to getting big changes into Debian. This is something that I had also noticed. I started work on SE Linux in Debian in 2001 and continued it actively until 2003 when I joined Red Hat. Less than a year after I joined Red Hat there was a Fedora […]

old drivers

This morning when walking through a shopping center car park on my way to work a grannie came fairly close to squashing me. She accellerated her Mazda 323 backwards as hard as possible and hit a purple Magna. The back ends of both cars were seriously damaged, and the Mazda (which received the worst damage) […]


creating a new SE Linux policy module

Creating a simple SE Linux policy module is not difficult. audit(1173571340.836:12855): avc: denied { execute } for pid=5678 comm=”” name=”hostname” dev=hda ino=1234 scontext=root:system_r:postfix_master_t:s0 tcontext=system_u:object_r:hostname_exec_t:s0 tclass=file For example I had a server with the above messages in the kernel message log from the spf-policy program (run from Postfix) trying to run the “hostnme” program. So I […]


nerve action – sound vs electricity

Leon Brooks linked to this article claiming that sound not electricity travels through nerves. When you put a moderate voltage through your body it will cause muscle action (try putting 1000V at low current between fingers of the same hand for safety). The original experiment that suggested that electricity is used involved applying a shock […]


another visual migraine

Late this afternoon I had a visual migraine while driving. I was driving west and the glare from the sun was making it difficult to see so I didn’t realise that I was having a migraine until I stopped. When I finished my journey and went inside a reasonably dark room I started seeing flashes […]


SFF disks

I recently bought a refurbished HP DL385 server at auction. It turns out that it takes SFF (Small Form Factor) disks and has the ability to take 8 hot-swap disks (not bad for a 2U server). The machine supports SAS disks and S-ATA disks as well. So the next thing to do is to buy […]


features of BMW 5 and 7 series

I was reading the brochure about the BMW 530i Touring (which seems to be the BMW name for what is known as a “Station Wagon” in Australia or an “Estate” in Europe). I looked at the brochure on the “Touring” because I am interested in a Station-Wagon – the Sedan version of the 5 series […]


reading email on a tram

This morning there were two or three classes from a local primary school on board my tram taking up all the seats (mostly three children to a seat). So to answer some email and write blog entries I had to sit in a stair-well. Melbourne trams are symmetrical so that they can just change direction […]


presentations and background color

In response to my last post about using laptops for presentations it has been suggested to me that using white (or a very bright color) as the background color can help some displays synchronise with the signal. I haven’t had an opportunity to test this but it seems likely that as most computers are configured […]


last beard post

On Tuesday the 23rd of January I shaved off my beard after spending 107 days growing it, see above for the final beard pic. It was an interesting experiment and it’s something that I recommend trying, but I couldn’t keep it. Having a beard is more effort than being clean-shaven. Eating is more difficult when […]