another visual migraine

This morning while travelling to work by tram I had another visual migraine. It was a little worse than last time, not only did everything I focussed on appear to shimmer, but things went a bit grey at my peripheral vision. I had a headache as well although it was very mild (not the typical […]

encryption speed – Debian vs Fedora

I’m in the process of converting my Fedora/rawhide laptop to Debian.

On Fedora the AES encrypted filesystems deliver about 38MB/s read speed according to dd. On Debian the speed is 2.4MB/s when running Xen and 2.7MB/s when not running Xen. The tests were done on the same block device.

Debian uses a SMP kernel (there […]

hybrid Lexus is best luxury car

The Lexus GS 450 hybrid petrol/electric car has been given the award for Australia’s best luxury car!

The judging for this contest rated fuel efficiency as low importance, because luxury car owners traditionally aren’t very concerned about such things. The Lexus won because of it’s quiet engine (can’t beat an electric motor at low speed), […]

interesting things

/tmp /mnt/bind bind bind 0 0

Today I discovered that the above syntax works in the /etc/fstab file. This enables a bind mount of /tmp to /mnt/bind which effectively makes /mnt/bind a hard link to /tmp. The same result can be achieved by the following command, but last time I tried (quite some time ago) […]

AMD developer Center

This morning I received an email from the AMD Developer Center advising me that I need to fill out their NDA if I want access to their development machines.

I have a vague recollection that when AMD64 was first released I was very keep to get access to such hardware and had applied to AMD […]

comment-less blogs

Are comment-less blogs missing the spirit of blogging?

It seems to me that the most significant development about blogging is the idea that anyone can write. Prior to blogs news-papers were the only method of writing topical articles for a mass audience. To be able to write for a news-paper you had to be employed […]

what defines a well operating planet?

At OSDC Mary Gardiner gave a talk titled The Planet Feed Reader: Better Living Through Gravity. During the course of the presentation she expressed the opinion that short dialog based blog entries are a sign of a well running planet.

Certainly if blog posts respond to each other then there is a community interaction, […]

quantum evolution

On several occasions in discussions about life etc friends have mentioned the theory that quantum mechanics dictates the way our cells work. In the past I have not been convinced. However this site has a very well written description of the theory which is very compelling.

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some questions about disk encryption

On a mailing list some questions were asked about disk encryption, I decided to blog the answer for the benefit of others: What type of encryption would be the strongest? the uncrackable if you will? im not interested in DES as this is a US govt recommendation – IDEA seems good but what kernel module […]

IDE hard drives

I just lent two 80G IDE drives to a friend, and he re-paid me with 160G drives. Generally I don’t mind people repaying hardware loans with better gear (much better than repaying with the same gear after a long delay and depreciation), but this concerns me.

My friend gave me the 160G drives because he […]