Month: December 2006

The Squirrel and the Grasshopper

There’s a story going around the neo-con blogs titled “The Squirrel and the Grasshopper”. It was forwarded to me by a business associate with the claim that it’s “right on the money”. It’s strange that someone could be considered to be “right on the money” for Australia when essentially the same text is posted in […]


Debian SE Linux policy bug

checkmodule -m -o local.mod local.te semodule_package -o local.pp -m local.mod semodule -u local.pp Save the following policy as local.te and then run the above commands to make semodule work correctly and to also allow restorecon to access the console on boot. module local 1.0; require { class chr_file { read write }; class fd use; […]


SE Linux on Debian in 5 minutes

Following from my 5 minute OSDC talk yesterday on 5 security improvements needed in Linux distributions I gave a 5 minute talk on installing SE Linux on Debian etch. To display the notes I formatted them such that they were in 24 line pages and used less at a virtual console to display them. The […]


some advice for job seekers

A member of the free software community recently sent me their CV and asked for assistance in getting a job. Some of my suggestions are globally applicable so I’m blogging them. Firstly I recommend that a job seeker doesn’t publish their CV on the net in an obvious place. Often you want to give different […]



Yesterday I gave a presentation at OSDC in Melbourne about my Postal mail server benchmark suite. The paper was about my new benchmark program BHM for testing the performance of mail relay systems and some of the things I learned by running it. I will put the paper on my Postal site in the near […]

Benchmark Postal Security


I’m currently working on a little Debian Xen server, and I encountered a few problems that aren’t documented. The first problem I found was that serial ports don’t work with a default Xen setup (as documented in a previous blog entry). However the solution to this turns out to be putting xencons=off on the kernel […]