AMD developer Center

This morning I received an email from the AMD Developer Center advising me that I need to fill out their NDA if I want access to their development machines.

I have a vague recollection that when AMD64 was first released I was very keep to get access to such hardware and had applied to AMD for access to their machines.

Of course now the second-hand market is full of AMD64 machines and I’ve got one in my server room so it’s not as useful as it once was. I don’t even know why AMD would still run a developer center given that everyone who wants AMD64 machines can cheaply buy as many as they want and organizations such as Sourceforge and Debian provide access to such machines for their members.

While I appreciate what AMD is doing, it probably would be best if companies could adopt a standard timeout for electronic correspondence. If someone doesn’t follow up for X months then you should assume that they are not interested.

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