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/tmp /mnt/bind bind bind 0 0

Today I discovered that the above syntax works in the /etc/fstab file. This enables a bind mount of /tmp to /mnt/bind which effectively makes /mnt/bind a hard link to /tmp. The same result can be achieved by the following command, but last time I tried (quite some time ago) it didn’t seem to work in /etc/fstab – but now it works in both SUSE and Debian.

mount –bind /tmp /mnt/bind

Also I recently discovered that is an alias to So for almost any command that takes an IP address you can use either address with equal results (apart from commands which interpret the string and consider to be invalid). I can’t think of any benefit to using this, and challenge the readers to post a comment (or make their own blog post if they so wish) demonstrating it’s utility.

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