electric cars

Here’s an interesting post on the Green’s site about the Indian Reva electric car and the attempts to get a permit to drive it on Australian roads.

From the Reva site it seems that the Standard model is a 750Kg two-door hatch-back car to seat four people that bears a resemblance to the most widely known Smart Car. The top speed (of something like 50 or 65Km/h) is also reminiscent of the smaller Smart cars. The Reva site indicates that the Indian government is offering a subsidy to people who purchase such vehicles to try and solve pollution problems.

In Australia we have a standard of living that is a lot higher than most people in India experience. But it doesn’t have to continue like that. If the poor leadership shown by the Australian government continues and the Indian government continues doing sensible things then our positions could be reversed.

If there is a Reva in Victoria then I’d like to try driving it, even if only on private property.

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