Air Filtering for Servers

Serious server rooms have large (and expensive) air-conditioning and filtering systems. Most “server rooms” however are not like that, often it’s just some space in a store-room, sometimes near printers (which are a source of air pollution [1]).

The servers that are stored in serious server rooms have air filters as a standard feature. For […]


Yesterday I received an unsigned notice in the mail from some residents of an area comprising my street and an adjacent one. They advised me that their children were going to do the Halloween thing and that if I wanted to be involved I should leave my porch light on. This is a really good […]


I am amazed that I had never read the article Caring for Your Introvert [1] before. One of the interesting points concerned acting like an extrovert (I can do it for the duration of a typical job interview). Another was the issue of recovery time after having to deal with people. When living in hotels […]

A Long Laptop Lifetime

Paul Russell writes about his 3-yearly laptop replacement at IBM [1]. It probably makes some sense to replace laptops periodically for a large company, but if you are buying for personal use then it makes sense to try and get a longer life out of an expensive machine. I think that aiming for 6 years […] – Useless Search

I’ve just started getting a lot of traffic referred by It seems that my post Porn for Children [1] is the second link returned from a search for “porn” and my post Porn vs Rape [2] is the third link. These results occur in two of the three settings for “safe search” (the […]

Is the Server Dead?

I often get reports such as “the server was dead so I rebooted it“. This really doesn’t help me fix the problem, so if the person who uses the server wants reliability (and doesn’t want to be rebooting it and losing data all the time) then more information needs to be provided. Here is a […]


I’m just completing Jeff and Pia Waugh’s Australian Open Source Industry & Community Census [1]. There are some things that can be improved with that survey in particular and surveys in general.

It seems to be assumed that everyone is trying to work full-time. I admit that there are probably few people who have decided […]

Custom Search for Planet Linux Australia

Here is a Google Custom Search for Planet Linux Australia (homepage):

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Google Custom Search Engine I’ve just been experimenting with Google Custom Search [1]. Below… planet debian I am aware of the problems in displaying my blog… Planet Linux Jobs Victoria As part of my ongoing plan to make things easier… […]

iRiver H320 and Liquid

Recently my iRiver [1] H320 had some milk based drink spilt on it. I’m not sure what the drink was (I discovered it when my iRiver stopped working and the drink was dry) but it smelled like coffee or hot chocolate when I washed it off (I considered tasting it but decided that knowing exactly […]

More About Google Earth

I recently wrote about problems with Google Earth [1]. In comments it was pointed out to me that there are some Debian packages of it in contrib. Installing the package ttf-bitstream-vera solved the font problem and running it directly (not through ssh -Y) on a machine with DRI support made it run reasonably fast on […]