Football Cards and Free Kittens

My cousin Greg Coker has created an eBay auction for Football cards with the proceeds going to a charity that protects animal welfare (I can’t remember the name – I’ll update this post later). He also has a bunch of other eBay auctions of football cards going which are not for charity.

The charity auction […]

Unusual Ways of Helping the Environment

Unusual Things to Help the Environment

Have a party! Keeping a house at a comfortable temperature on days of extreme temperature takes a moderate amount of energy. If instead of having three houses that each contained two people you had one house with six people and two houses with the heater or air-conditioner turned off […]

Watching While Waiting

Over the past four years every visit to a doctor or hospital has involved some time spent in a waiting room, in the case of hospital visits it has often been more than an hour waiting. Each of those waiting rooms has had a selection of bad magazines and a TV. If I ever visit […]

Service Videos

I just read interesting blog post about Lenovo service information [1]. They have huge documents about how to service their machines as well as apparently having videos in flash format to show how to perform various tasks.

The first thing I’d like to see is other companies following this example. I clearly recall one time […]

The Bill – Computers for Police

I was watching the British police drama show The Bill [1] and I was impressed by their use of computers.

They were analysing the evidence of a homicide and one of the tasks was to assemble a time-line of the related events. They had a projector connected to a computer which displayed the data and […]

An Obstacle for Women in the IT Industry

It is becoming increasingly apparent that this post is not going to do any good, so I have deleted the content.

Sorry to the people who were offended.

I won’t be writing about such topics again.

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Free Software Community and forking

I just read an interesting approach to finding a life partner [1]. A summary is “There is a sad truth to the world today. I am part of a dying breed of people known as “shell users.” … Because there are fewer and fewer of us, I must help keep our lineage alive. I am […]

Gifts for Strangers

Leon writes about giving a stranger $1 to help him get a train ticket.

Recently I saw something similar, a lady was giving balloons to children in the Bourke St Mall in Melbourne just after 9PM. I asked her about this (I couldn’t see a logo on the balloons and wondered how she was making […]

Christmas and New Year

Christmas is billed as a family occasion and a huge amount of advertising money is spent convincing people that they need to have big expensive family events. This is good for the advertisers but not good for people who have no family to meet up with (orphans, people who live in different countries to their […]

Pentium-3 vs Pentium-4

I recently was giving away some old P3 and P4 machines and was surprised by the level of interest in P4 machines. As you can see from my page on computer power use [1] the power use from a P4 system is significantly greater than that of a P3. The conventional wisdom is that the […]