Service Videos

I just read interesting blog post about Lenovo service information [1]. They have huge documents about how to service their machines as well as apparently having videos in flash format to show how to perform various tasks.

The first thing I’d like to see is other companies following this example. I clearly recall one time when I had an IBM 2RU server apart and I couldn’t work out how to get the power cable for the tape drive installed, a video of how to do so would surely have saved me some time then, I was working for a law firm and had a small outage window – not a situation where I wanted to waste any time.

The next thing I would like to see is Lenovo not using Flash for this, but instead allow download of MP4 and/or OGG video. When doing a job in a tight time window with a demanding client I would like to have all the relevant documentation (including videos) on my laptop before I visit their site.

2 comments to Service Videos

  • Dennis Krøger

    There’s no videos, but Dell had their service manuals online for ages.

  • Russell ..
    With regard to you comments on;
    All the videos on our site are in flv format. You will need Flash 8 or better to view the site.
    All videos are downloadable. A FLV Player is available under “User Help” which will afford you the ability to play them locally.