LCA talk

This afternoon I gave a talk at the Debian mini-conf of LCA on security improvements that are needed in Debian, the notes are online here.

The talk didn’t go quite as well as I had desired, I ended up covering most of the material in about half the allotted time and I could tell that the talk was too technical for many audience members (perhaps 1/4 of the audience lost interest). But the people who were interested asked good questions (and used the remainder of the time). Some of the people who are involved in serious Debian coding were interested (and I’ll file a bug report based on information from one of them after making this post).

I believe that I was quite successful in my main aim of giving Debian developers ideas for improving the security of Debian. My second aim of educating the users about options that are available now (with some inconvenience) and will be available shortly in a more convenient form was partially successful.

The main content of my talk was based on the lightning talk I gave for OSDC, but was more detailed.

After my talk I spoke to Crispin Cowan from Novell about some of these issues. He agrees with me about the need for more capabilities which I take as a very positive sign.

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