The Silly BMW 745h

BMW has released a new prototype hydrogen powered car. The web page about it claims the cruising range is 190 miles. Added to the 400-mile range of the normal fuel tank, the 745h can go 600 miles between fill-ups. The first issue is that 10 miles are not accounted for (maybe it finishes the […]

Hydrogen Powered Cars Will Never Work

One of the most important issues for a commodity fuel for vehicles is that it be convenient and safe to transport. For quite a while LP Gas has been available as a cheaper car fuel. Even with increasing petrol prices it’s acceptance is well below 100% due to extra expense in storing the fuel (high […]

LED Headlights in Audi Sports Car

It’s interesting to see that Audi is releasing a car with LEDs for all lights including the headlights. This is being promoted as an environmental benefit, however a quick google search revealed that my Volkswagen Passat apparently takes 55W headlights (giving a total of 110W of electricity used). Even allowing for some inefficiency in the […]

Religion and Cars

The Catholic Church has recently issued a set of 10 road commandments. Number 9 is “On the road, protect the more vulnerable party” which ties in with an article by Barney Zwartz published in the religious column of The Age about the spiritual issues related to 4WD cars.

Barney makes better points than the Catholic […]

Prius vs small non-hybrid car

In response to my comment and post about the cost of driving to work there was a comment on the blog post I responded to suggesting that a small car is better value for money than a hybrid car.

The claim was made regarding a Nissan Pulsar, but to investigate this I decided to compare […]

hybrid Porsche

The April 2007 issue of the RACV magazine announces that Porsche is working on a hybrid vehicle. It seems that the award-winning Lexus hybrid vehicle has demonstrated the value of hybrid petrol-electric technology for performance vehicles and that Porsche want to catch up.

The trend seems to be towards all vehicles that are desirable being […]

old drivers

This morning when walking through a shopping center car park on my way to work a grannie came fairly close to squashing me. She accellerated her Mazda 323 backwards as hard as possible and hit a purple Magna. The back ends of both cars were seriously damaged, and the Mazda (which received the worst damage) […]

features of BMW 5 and 7 series

I was reading the brochure about the BMW 530i Touring (which seems to be the BMW name for what is known as a “Station Wagon” in Australia or an “Estate” in Europe). I looked at the brochure on the “Touring” because I am interested in a Station-Wagon – the Sedan version of the 5 series […]

spare tires

The following letter was published in the RACV Magazine. The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria is a driver advocacy organization that provides roadside assistance and insurance. The fact that they published my letter means that the idea can’t be totally wacky so I’ll blog it. ;)

There have been many mentions recently in RoyalAuto about […]

Mercedes S class and car safety

The S Class Mercedes has some really interesting safety features, see this 6.8M PDF file for details. If you are interested in technology then you want to read it just to learn about all the cool features – it’s got more technology than a Prius!

The S class includes the following features to protect the […]