Links March 2024

Bruce Schneier wrote an interesting blog post about his workshop on reimagining democracy and the unusual way he structured it [1]. It would be fun to have a security conference run like that!

Matthias write an informative blog post about Wayland “Wayland really breaks things… Just for now” which links to a blog debate about the utility of Wayland [2]. Wayland seems pretty good to me.

Cory Doctorow wrote an insightful article about the AI bubble comparing it to previous bubbles [3].

Charles Stross wrote an insightful analysis of the implications if the UK brought back military conscription [4]. Looks like the era of large armies is over.

Charles Stross wrote an informative blog post about the Worldcon in China, covering issues of vote rigging for location, government censorship vs awards, and business opportunities [5].

The Paris Review has an interesting article about speaking to the CIA’s Creative Writing Group [6]. It doesn’t explain why they have a creative writing group that has some sort of semi-official sanction.

LongNow has an insightful article about the threats to biodiversity in food crops and the threat that poses to humans [7].

Bruce Schneier and Albert Fox Cahn wrote an interesting article about the impacts of chatbots on human discourse [8]. If it makes people speak more precisely then that would be great for all Autistic people!

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