Links August 2023

This is an interesting idea from Bruce Schneier, an “AI Dividend” paid to every person for their contributions to the input of ML systems [1]. We can’t determine who’s input was most used so sharing the money equally seems fair. It could end up as yet another justification for a Universal Basic Income.

The Long Now foundation has an insightful article about preserving digital data [2]. It covers the history of lost data and the new challenges archivists face with proprietary file formats.

Tesla gets fined for having special “Elon mode” [3], turns out that being a billionaire isn’t an exemption from road safety legislation.

Wired has an interesting article about the Olympics Destroyer malware that Russia used to attack the 2018 Olympics [4].

Wired has an interesting article about Marcus Hutchins, how he prevented a serious bot attack and how he had a history in crime when he was a teenager [5]. It’s good to see that some people can reform.

The IEEE has a long and informative article about what needs to be done to transition to electric cars [6]. It’s a lot of work and we should try and do it as fast as possible.

Linux Tech Tips has an interesting video about a new cooling system for laptops (and similar use cases for moving tens of watts from a thin space) [7]. This isn’t going to be useful for servers or desktops as big heavy heatsinks work well for them. But for something to put on top of a laptop CPU or to have several of them connected to a laptop CPU by heat pipes it could be very useful. The technology of piezo electric cooling devices is interesting on it’s own, I expect we will see more of that in future.

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