Links February 2024

In 2018 Charles Stross wrote an insightful blog post Dude You Broke the Future [1]. It covers AI in both fiction and fact and corporations (the real AIs) and the horrifying things they can do right now.

LongNow has an interesting article about the concept of the Magnum Opus [2]. As an aside I’ve been working on SE Linux for 22 years.

Cory Doctorow wrote an insightful article about the incentives for enshittification of the Internet and how economic issues and regulations shape that [3].

CCC has a lot of great talks, and this talk from the latest CCC about the Triangulation talk on an attak on Kaspersky iPhones is particularly epic [4].

GoodCar is an online sales site for electric cars in Australia [5].

Ulrike wrote an insightful blog post about how the reliance on volunteer work in the FOSS community hurts diversity [6].

Cory Doctorow wrote an insightful article about The Internet’s Original Sin which is misuse of copyright law [7]. He advocates for using copyright strictly for it’s intended purpose and creating other laws for privacy, labor rights, etc.

David Brin wrote an interesting article on neoteny and sexual selection in humans [8].

37C3 has an interesting lecture about software licensing for a circular economy which includes environmental savings from better code [9]. Now they track efficiency in KDE bug reports!

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