Links November 2023

The Long Now has an insightful article about air quality [1].

Every country needs food labelling laws like Mexico has [2]. Also we need to abolish the investor state tribunals, companies should just accept local laws and obey them – or be treated in the same way as pirates on the high seas.

Ian Jackson wrote a good post about conference policies regarding Covid19 [3]. We really need to do more about this, conservatives like to imagine that it’s gone away but people are still getting sick and dying of it.

John Goerzen wrote an informative article about “air gaps” and ways they can be part of a useful and usable security system [4].

This YouTube video has a good introduction to LLMs (Large Languge Models) for machine learning [5].

This eye tracker is interesting technology [6]. The video shows it being used for MS Flight Simulator but it can be used for other things. Unfortunately the price of about $550 Australian puts it out of range of a lot of free software work. I think this would be good for tracking the user FOR THEIR BENEFIT so that notifications won’t be delivered when the user is concentrating.

This ABC article about the risk of a past Covid19 infection exacerbating or accelerating Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s is a worry [7].

Sam Hartman wrote an insightful blog post about AI safety, consent, and discussions of sex [8].

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  • Peter

    Re: Mexico Product Labeling.

    as a nearly three decade resident I really hope the new labeling and our copious public announcements work.
    We do have a big problem with Obesity and Diabetes.

    PS:thanks for that link, I will republish it here in our social media, for the expats.