Another Hot Summer


Yesterday was ~30C in my area, today was well over 30C during the day (although cooler in the evening). They forecast 33C for tomorrow in Melbourne, but that means where I live it will probably be about 36C (it’s always a few degrees hotter than the overall forecast for the city). Monday is predicted to be 41C and Tuesday may be 32C.

I turned off my SE Linux Play Machine this morning and will probably leave it off until at least Tuesday evening. The hardware I use for the Play Machine is fairly energy efficient, but it’s in a confined space with some other electronic stuff so it’s best not to take chances. I’ll probably leave it offline for about half the duration of January and February.

I miss Amsterdam and London weather.

2 thoughts on “Another Hot Summer”

  1. Brendan says:

    Have you seen London and Amsterdam weather at the moment??

  2. etbe says:

    The current forecast for the next few days in Amsterdam has the lowest maximum temperature as -3C and the lowest minimum temperature as -4C. Some days get as hot as 0C, really Amsterdam doesn’t seem to be cold enough for good snow at the moment. So I don’t think that it’s bad.

    London seems to be mostly 0C or slightly warmer. They won’t even have snow!

    In both cases there would be no requirements to turn off servers!

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