Links April 2009

P. W. Singer gave an interesting TED talk about the use of robots in war [1]. He briefly covered some of the ethical and social issues related to robot soldiers as well as showing many pictures of existing robots.

Since November 2007 there has been a request for Google Gears to support “Iceweasel” (the Debian name for Firefox due to trademark issues)[2]. Apparently supporting this different name is not easy for the Google people. If you visit the Google Gears Terms and Conditions page [3] then it will work with Iceweasel on the i386 platform – but not for AMD64 (or at least not my Debian/Lenny AMD64 system).

Charles Moore gave a disturbing TED talk about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” [4]. Pollution in the oceans from waste plastic is worse than I realised.

Ressuka documented how to solve the Time went backwards problem on Xen DomUs [5]. Run “echo “jiffies”> /sys/devices/system/clocksource/clocksource0/current_clocksource” or use “clocksource=jiffies” in your DomU kernel boot parameter list.

Nassim Taleb [6] has written Ten principles for a Black Swan-proof world [7], this is in regard to the current US financial crisis. It’s worth noting that he made a significant amount of money due to successfully predicting some aspects of the crisis.

James Duncan Davidson has some good advice for speakers based on his experience in filming presentations [8]. Some of the ones that were not obvious to me were:
Take off your name-tag – it doesn’t look good
Stay in the part of the stage with the best light

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