LUV Talk about Cloud Computing

Last week I gave a talk for the Linux Users of Victoria about Cloud Computing and Amazon EC2 [1]. I was a little nervous as I was still frantically typing the notes a matter of minutes before my talk was due to start (which isn’t ideal). But it went well. There were many good questions and the audience seemed very interested. The talk will probably appear on the web (it was recorded and I signed a release form for the video).

Also I have just noticed that Amazon have published a license document for their AMI tools, so I have added the package ec2-ami-tools to my Debian/Lenny repository (for i386 and AMD64) with the following APT sources.list line:

deb lenny misc

Also the Amazon license [2] might permit adding it to the non-free section of Debian, if so I’m prepared to maintain it in Debian for the next release – but I would prefer that someone who knows Ruby take it over.

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