Debian/Etch release party in Melbourne – Australia

We are having a release party on Saturday the 14th of April. We meet at mid-day under the clocks at Flinders Street Station and then go somewhere convenient and not too expensive for lunch.

All welcome.


The event was moderately successful. There were only six people including me – that was quite a bit smaller than the Debian 10th birthday party we had in Melbourne, but it was still enough to have fun.

Everyone there had a good knowledge of Linux and Debian and many interesting things were discussed. We had lunch at a Japanese stone-grill restaurant – their specialty is serving raw ingredients along with a stone that’s at 400C (or so they claim – I would expect a 400C stone to radiate more heat than I experienced on my previous visit). As it was a warm day we skipped the stone grill and ordered from the lunch menu (which was also a lot cheaper). Some of the guys had never tried Sake or Plum Wine before, they seemed to like it. Strangely the waitress always wanted to deliver alcohol to a 15yo in preference to almost anyone else.

One of the topics of discussion was Linux meetings and the ability to attend them. A point was made that if you are <18yo and rely on your parents’ permission to do things then a meeting that finishes at 9PM isn’t a viable option. It has previously been noted that for people from regional areas an evening meeting is also inconvenient.

Maybe we should have occasional LUG meetings on a Saturday afternoon to cater for the needs of such people?

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