Links November 2007

The web site offers cheaters the possibility of paying single or monogamous people to offset their cheating. It’s an interesting spin on the carbon trading schemes that are on offer. – a Google search site for Green related information. – information on designing buildings to be “Green”.

Binary adding machine using marbles and wood-work [1]. I’ve just been reading Accelerando by Charles Stross [2], in that book he describes the Pentagon using Babbage machines to avoid the potential of electronic surveillance.

Alan Robertson has just started a blog [3]. He is a lead developer in the Linux-HA (Heartbeat) [4] project (which incidentally lists SGI as a friend due to the work that Anibal and I did [5]).

Here is an interesting article about light pollution [6]. It covers the issues of observing the stars, saving energy, and reducing crime through effective lighting.

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