Month: July 2007

Terrorism Foolishness

The Age has published a remarkably stupid article about terrorism titled “It’s hard to prevent the hard to imagine” which contains some amusing statements such as “a plan to use liquid explosives hidden in soft-drink bottles and destroy commercial jets crossing the Atlantic. The scale of this plot, combined with the innovative bomb design, threatened […]


Robots vs Sheep

Mark Greenaway writes about writes about robots being designed to remove weeds from farms. This seems like a bad idea given that we currently have an energy crisis due to CO2 emissions from power plants causing environment change (including reduced water supplies), and coal and nuclear power plants requiring water to produce electricity (pity about […]


Fragmenting Information about Jobs

A comment on my previous post about my Linux Jobs Blog suggested that I shouldn’t fragment the information. However I believe that fragmenting the information is ideal due to the ability of RSS syndication to drive the cost of coalescing the information to almost zero! Currently there is a Linux job web site run by […]

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The War Was About Oil!

They admit the truth at last: “We need to ensure, notwithstanding the significant natural resources that our country has been blessed with, that we are able to access the energy requirements in our region and throughout the world” said Brendan Nelson (Australian defence minister). John Howard isn’t admitting it yet, he’s sticking to his lie […]

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CPU time use from WordPress Javascript

Currently I have some significant problems with Javascript CPU use when editing my WordPress blog. Some operations take about 10 seconds to complete which involves Konqueror using 100% CPU time. Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this problem? Is there a web browser that pre-compiles Javascript for faster execution? I am assuming that […]


Linux Job Ads

It seems to me that we need to have syndicated feeds for Linux job adverts. To start this I have created a new blog for Linux job adverts, it will have categories for the states and territories of Australia (with a feed for each category) and I will also create Planet installations that take feeds […]

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New Storage Developments

Eweek has an article on a new 1TB Seagate drive. Most home users don’t have a need for 1TB of storage (the only way I’ve ever filled a 300G drive is by using it for multiple backups) and enterprise customers generally want small fast drives (with <100G drives still being sold for servers). One interesting […]


Committing Data to Disk

I’ve just watched the video of Stewart Smith’s LCA talk Eat My Data about writing applications to store data reliably and not lose it. The reason I watched it was not to learn about how to correctly write such programs, but so that I could recommend it to other people. Recently I have had problems […]