Why Can’t Bush be as Honourable as Nixon?

The Libby commutation has demonstrated the contempt that the Bush regime has for the US political process, the opinions of the voters and party members, and the reputation of the US. The Talking Points Memo has an insightful analysis. They suggest that an argument could be made for pardoning Libby by claiming that the case is politically based and bogus, such an argument would be difficult to sustain – particularly given the fact that the prosecutor and the judge were Republican appointees. But a commutation is admitting that the case was valid but that Bush wanted to protect a friend – or someone who might inform on him. In either case it’s a very bad thing.

As an example here’s a YouTube video of Keith Olbermann making the case for George Bush to act as decently and honourably as Richard Nixon and resign from office.

Paul blogs about why embedding media players is bad for the case of web radio. One thing I notice is that there is no convenient or easy way of extracting an embedded youtube video from a web page a quick test in my favourite browser (Konqueror) showed that the YouTube embedded section didn’t even appear.

The Debian package youtube-dl allows you to download the Youtube content in a format that can be played with mplayer, but only if you see the link – which seems to not happen if the web site tries to embed it. Avoiding flash is good if you want security or if you want to use a platform other than i386 Linux or Windows and youtube-dl removes what I consider to be the only compelling reason for Flash.

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