Blogging Frequency

You may have noticed that my frequency of posting has increased significantly recently, and that my posts are generally at 7AM and 7PM. I am using the scheduled posting feature of WordPress and writing my posts in advance (currently I have 8 posts in the queue including this one). Generally readers of my blog (particularly those who read Planet syndication pages) don’t want to read 5+ posts in one go. In the past I would write one post at a time and sometimes a couple of days would pass between feeling inspired to write. I had been writing text files and uploading them, but having a text file that’s 95% done is not the same as having a complete post scheduled to be released while I’m doing something else.

This technique works for me, I encourage other people who have things to say but don’t seem to get around to blogging on some days to give it a go.

Incidentally I chose the times 7AM and 7PM because the traffic to my site seems to peak between 7PM and 11PM local time (I haven’t analysed the logs in enough detail to determine whether this is Australians reading blogs after work or people in other countries doing it at work). To release two posts per day it seems most appropriate to space them 12 hours apart (and means that people in the same time zone as me can read a post before going to work).

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