Linux Tour Bus

I have seen buses used for tours that contain bunk beds. If one or more such buses were hired then a group of Linux people could go on a moving Linux conference. This would have to take place in an area with many reasonable size cities in a close area and where there is a good number of Linux people in such cities. Probably the EU is the only area.

A bus (or several buses depending on demand) would then take a group of Linux people through the major cities and have a conference in each one.

Currently there are conferences such as the Debian conference DebConf which receive sufficient sponsorship money to pay for many speakers to attend. Having a similar conference traveling around Europe shouldn’t cost any more money and will give plenty of time for the people in the bus to do some coding along the way.

We already have the Geek Cruises, my idea is to do a similar thing but on the road. Also it isn’t practical to transport an entire conference, so it would probably just be speakers on buses and the audiences would vary from city to city.

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