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Change of Rules for the Blogging Contest

Due to the lack of entries so far I am amending the rules. It is no longer required that an entry be on the blog of the person who submitted it. Being on any blog that is aggregated by the conference Planet will do.

This is known as a “guest post“. All it requires is [...]

LCA 2008 Security Miniconf

Today I gave a talk about Debian security at the security mini-conf of LCA.

Before I started the talk I asked for suggestions as to how to get more entries in my security blogging contest [0]. During the talk I asked for suggestions as to how to get more people involved in security development. One [...]

Other Planet LCA 2008

The Planet installation for the Linux.Conf.Au (the main Linux conference in Australia and one of the biggest and best Linux conferences in the world) is designed to only syndicate posts about the conference. I think that this is a bad idea, people who attend the conference actually see things and don’t have a great need [...] Violates Blog Content Licenses

The portal http://www,softwarefree,org/ aggregates many blog feeds related to free software without regard to license.

The About Page for my blog links to my Blog License page which states that “The contents of my blogs (unless otherwise noted) are licensed under a non-commercial share-alike license. This means (among other things) that you may not put [...]

LCA 2008 Security Blogging Contest

I have decided to run a contest for security related blog posts that appear on Planet Linux Conf Au [1]. That Planet is for people who are attending Linux Conf Au [2], and the prize (or prizes) will be given out at the conference.

The aim will be posts on the topic of computer security [...]

Comment Policy

I’ve been thinking about the comment policy for my blogs. I have started deleting comments when people subscribe to comments and use fake email addresses (I get the bounces and it’s annoying).

Also I am deleting comments that don’t make much sense or which don’t address the topic of a post. Some people seem to [...]

Blog Friends?

There are some people who’s blogs I read and often comment on or reference in my own blog posts. Some of them regularly make comments on my posts and reference my posts in their own posts. Of these people some of them I have never met or don’t seem to have conversations with when I [...]

Twilight of the Books?

I’ve just read an interesting article in the New Yorker titled “Twilight of the Books” [1].

It started with some depressing statistics about literacy. One comment that I couldn’t figure out concerned “the panic that takes hold of humanists when the decline of reading is discussed“. The decline in literacy concerns me because I want [...]

The Net – Good for Literature

A recent news article has Doris Lessing (a Nobel prize winner for literature) claiming that the net has “created a world where people know nothing” [1].

However the Internet is a great tool for learning for people who choose to use it in that way, for example I have learned many interesting things from reading [...]

Blogroll – Bad Social Networking

A common feature in blog software is a Blogroll, this is a list of links to blogs which are associated in some way with the blog in question – most commonly it’s a list of blogs run by friends of the blogger in question.

Now in the case of friends with very similar interests (IE [...]