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RSS Aggregation Software

The most commonly installed software for aggregating RSS feeds seems to be Planet and Venus (two forks of the same code base). The operation is that a cron job runs the Python program which syndicates a list of RSS feeds and generates a static web page. Of course the problems start if you have many […]


Not All Opinions Are Equal

It seems to be a common idea by non-bloggers that the comment they enter on a blog is somehow special and should be taken seriously by the author of the blog (everyone is a legend in their own mind). In a recent discussion one anonymous commentator seemed offended that I didn’t take his comments seriously […]


Improving Blog Latency to Benefit Readers

I just read an interesting post about latency and how it affects web sites [1]. The post has some good ideas but unfortunately mixed information on some esoteric technologies such as infiniband that are not generally applicable with material that is of wide use (such as ping times). The post starts by describing the latency […]


Starting to Blog

The best way to run a blog is to run your own blog server. This can mean running an instance on someone else’s web server (some ISPs have special hosting deals for bloggers on popular platforms such as WordPress), but usually means having shell access to your own server (I’ve previously written about my search […]


Shared Context and Blogging

One interesting aspect of the TED conference [1] is the fact that they only run one stream. There is one lecture hall with one presentation and everyone sees the same thing. This is considerably different to what seems to be the standard practice for Linux conferences (as implemented by LCA, OLS, and Linux Kongress) where […]


Miro AKA DemocracyPlayer is a premier partner for the Miro player [1]. This is a free player for free online content, the site has the player for download, it has binaries for Mac OS/X, Windows, and Ubuntu as well as the source (GPL licensed), it is in Debian/Unstable. It supports downloading in a number of ways […]

Blogging Liberty Politics

The Purpose of Planet Debian

An issue that causes ongoing discussion is what is the purpose of a Planet installation such as Planet Debian [1]. The discussion usually seems to take the less effective form of what is “appropriate” content for the Planet or what is considered to be “abuse” of the Planet. Of course it’s impossible to get anything […]


Planets and Resignations

Recently a Debian Developer resigned from a position of responsibility in the project by writing a blog post. I won’t name the DD or the position he resigned as I think that there are general issues which need discussion and specific examples will get in the way (everyone who is seriously involved will know who […]


Friends and Adverts

For some time I have been running Google Adsense adverts on my blog. Not long after I started running the adverts the revenue exceeded the amount of money I pay for net access, so it’s worth having. I recently increased the amount of advertising by including an advert in the middle of the post and […]


Blog Posts Should Stand Alone

I believe that apart from some exceptions (such as “links” posts) each post should stand alone. A reader should be able to read a single blog post and understand the author’s point without needing to visit any external sites.

A common mistake is to write a post that can not be understood without following the links.